Our services cover the needs of public administration from the creation of public tender documents all the way to the direct control of transportation.

Movit Lite

A lite version of Movit made to help with the planning of public tenders and to create route materials. Movit lite includes the basic features to plan routes and to control passengers. Suitable solution for municipalities that have no need for tranportation control. Sold as a customized plan according to our customer's needs.

Movit - Take the control

Movit for the whole control of vehicles and transportation. A service for successful and efficient passenger transportation, which digitalizes the processes of passenger transportation from the transportation order to the actual transportation. Orders, planning and communication can all be carried out in a customer oriented fashion through digital channels. The service is provided as a monthly subscription.

Features and benefits

An economic way of transportation

Track and control the utilization of vehicles

Optimize routes and vehicles

Location tracking and history

Organize the masses

School transports

Service transports

Charter transports

Combine and merge - efficiently

Lowered costs

Ensure the adequacy of vehicles

Changes to transports made efficient and easy

School Transportation

Developed especially for school transportations

Passengers can check thei pickup times and places easily

No unnecessary driving - passengers can cancel their transportation easily


All processes are logged into digital systems

No email attachments

Reductions in errors


Realized route lenghts


Time and location entries

"Managing and optimizing transports with Movit makes it possible to achieve substantial gains in terms of lowered costs."