Privacy Policy DriveNext

Movit DriveNext is driver’s view for Movit transport management service. Movit is a cloud-based system for managing and organizating passenger trasport. Driver’s view is also available in the browser, where data is collected and processed as described here.

To use the application user needs ID for the Movit system. The company using the Movit is responsible for the content of the information transmitted to the DriveNext user through the application. The companu is also responsible for processing DriveNext users IDs and personal information.

The application collects GPS location information from the user’s device when the user has given permission to do so. Location data is collected in two cases:

1. From the sift logged user (“start shift”)

2. Location information when a passenger is picked up or dropped off (also without sift)

The device of the user logged in to the system does not send location information before the start of the shift or outside of pick-up acknowledgments. When the user ends the shift (“stop shift”), the collection of location data is stopped.

Data content to be saved:

Car ID (database ID) to which the user is logged in

Coordinates at which the passenger has been picked up / dropped off

Location information (from the sift logged user)

Intended use

Location information is collected to show the location of cars for management.

The collected location data is stored on a server managed by intoit Oy (service provider), which is located in Europe. The location information is transmitted for use to the Movit transport management system in which the driver ID has been created and in which he is logged in.

The data collection is based on an agreement with the customer of the Movit transport management system. In addition, the user of the DriveNext is asked to consent to the use of location information during the installation of the application (or when using a browser).

The user has the option to block the sending of location information from the application settings of their device afterwards. In this case, the application may not work properly.

The data retention period is based on an individual agreement with the customer that ordered the Movit transport management service. Therefore, retention periods may vary from contract to contract. The storage and deletion of data at the end of the customer relationship has also been agreed separately.