Movit is a transportation management and control system developed for cost-effective and successful passenger transportation, which digitizes the processes of passenger transportation from the transportation order to the actual transportation. Orders, planning and communication can all be carried out in a customer oriented fashion through digital channels. The service is offered with monthly subscription.

The great challenge in passenger transportation is to bring together the many aspects and processes involved with the planning and managing transports. Different parties in these processes involve passengers and their guardians, drivers and operators, route planners, schools and municipalities. All the parties involved have different needs, interests and demands, and fulfilling these needs and demands is the key to a successful and efficient transportation service.



Pickup time

Pickup place

Possibility to cancel the transportation


Route and passenger info

Efficient routes


Route planner

Efficient route planning

User-friendly change management

Communicating with parties involved


Setting and controlling the level of service quality

Qualitative and quantitative reporting

Constant development of the service in a cost-effective way


Reception lists

Changes in timetables

Sudden changes

We offer a digital operating model that encompasses the needs of all these parties, bringing them together under a single, centralized system.